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Wir freuen uns sehr, die Initiative Lebenstiere e.V. mit einigen Patenschaften zu unterstützen. Der Verein setzt sich für die würdevolle Behandlung aller Tiere ein und sorgt dafür, dass ehemalige Nutztiere ein schönes neues Zuhause bekommen, an dem sie ihr Leben ohne Angst vor dem Schlachter verbringen können. Angefangen hat es mit ihren "Lebenskühen", mittlerweile gehören zu ihnen aber auch Schweine, Hühner, Puten, Schafe und mehr. Wir finden ihren Einsatz für diese Tiere ganz großartig und unterstützen sie daher sehr gerne! Die vier wunderschönen Kuhdamen, für die wir Patenschaften übernommen haben, möchten wir euch daher kurz vorstellen:


We are very excited to support the Initiative Lebenstiere e.V. with some sponsorships. The association is committed to the dignified treatment of all animals and ensures that former farm animals get a nice new home where they can spend their lives without fear of being taken to the slaughterhouse. It started with their "life cows", but now they also have pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep and more. We think their commitment to these animals is great and are very happy to support them! We would like to introduce you to the four gorgeous cow ladies for whom we have taken on sponsorships:


More infos:

Lady Matilda

The pretty Galloway cow was born on 12 August 2007, making her the oldest of the bunch. The sweetie was suddenly standing with the other live cows (Lebenskühe) after she had run away from a neighbour farmer. She had just lost her calf and was quite distraught. Her slaughter date was already set. Luckily, many cow friends helped to get the ransom money for her together in time, and the farmer left his black beauty to 'Lebenskühe Farm' (Life Cow Farm). She is now also a life cow.

Ronja Röschen

Ronja Röschen is a successful mix of Highland cattle and Limousin. She was born on 10 June 2018. Shortly after her birth, her herd escaped from the pasture. All the cattle could be recaptured. Except for the youngest calf. Ronja remained missing for the time being. Three days later, a family found her in the field, completely dehydrated and full of maggots. They laboriously nursed her back to health, but she kept breaking out. Ronja did not want to be alone. So it was fitting that the 'Lebenskühe Farm' looking for a playmate for Gunni. Calves should not grow up alone, and so Ronja moved in. She has a head full of ideas and is full of temperament. The finders called her Röschen. However, since she went crazy with the 'Lebenskühe Far' and jumped around like a little robber's daughter, they added a little something to her name.




Monday was born on 13 April 2015. She comes from a farm that had to close due to a ban on keeping cattle. The organisation "Vergessene Vierbeiner" campaigned for her. After the 'Lebenskühe Farm' agreed to let Monday move in, it turned out that she had already been promised to a farm. But the farmer successfully persuaded the interested party to let her live with the farm after all.


Johanna is a mix of Angus and Holstein-Friesian. She is not completely black, but has a white spot under her belly. Johanna was born on 19 July 2016. She has a lot of temperament, but is always happy to be petted. Then she can also be very calm. She can usually be found out and about with her best friend Helena or by the side of her gentle friend Bulli. Johanna always spent the winter in the tethered stall before the farm became a "Lebenshof". Now she shall never be chained again.





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